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Clow Card Relm- We Meet On Neutral Territory

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Eli in the moonlight.

Hi! Welcome to my page. I am Clow's Shadow, Eli Moon and I would like to welcome you to my web page! I'm trying as hard as I can to get this site done, so please hold the criticism. I have little free time to do this, so you'd better enjoy it. In the case that you don't, feel free to go to my links. At least those are good.

There is one site that I can't get onto my links 'cus Tripod is being dumb, again, it's also being slow, and that is slowing my updates soooooooo much. Well enjoy. If you can.

My site is far from complete so your support is welcome. I'm NOT asking for money, but merely any info or pictures you could supply and share. I assure you that I will give credit to everyone who supports my page.

In my gallery, I also can put up fan art. That's how small my page is. It will het better, though. If you send me some, I'll try to the best of my abillity to put it up. Whether it goes up or not, a thank you note will be sent.

I'm working on an HTML site that hopefully will be up soon. That one will be so much better than this one. I hope.

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